Pregnancy and new mums

I have a special interest in the treatment of pregnancy related pain, and fully believe that there is no reason why you should accept that pain, aches and stiffness are a normal part of pregnancy.

During pregnancy your body undergoes a great amount of change and development to accommodate your growing baby. The postural changes and increase in weight are obvious, but other changes may be more subtle like the effects of hormonal softening of ligaments and the position of the growing baby.

A combination of the above can put additional pressure on your joints and muscles of your spine and pelvis. The most common complaints during pregnancy are:

Lower back pain


Pelvic girdle pain

Shortness of breath

Neck, shoulder and upper back pain




So, Where Does Osteopathy Fit In During Pregnancy?

The philosophy of osteopathy is that structure and function are interrelated and interdependent. Osteopathic treatment aims to normalise the structure so that it functions as efficiently as possible. Treatments during pregnancy are no different.

We aim to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth by aiding the body to adapt and align as the pregnancy progresses. Osteopathic treatment achieves this by using safe and efficient techniques, while making sure the mother is comfortable at all times.

Can Osteopathy Help Postnatally?

New mums can experience a wide range of issues postnatally, often depending on the type of labour experienced. Osteopathic care can help to restore the balance and mobility of the pelvis, which can be disrupted during pregnancy and labour. This can help to reduce the pain felt as a new mum.

Osteopathic treatment can also address aches and pains felt during, or caused by, breastfeeding, lifting car seats, carrying your baby and bending over a cot etc.

I am committed to helping new mums feel relief from pain and able to relax and enjoy this amazing time.

I’m always happy to have a informal chat about the problem and what you are feeling, so instead of suffering in silence, why not call to see how osteopathy could help you?

I’m available Monday – Friday on 01992 304913 and will always call back if you leave a message.

E. MonksE. MonksHertford - February 2018
I went to see Michelle when I was eight months pregnant with my little girl. I had been attending hypnobirthing classes and was planning a water birth. My midwife had recommended visiting an osteopath to check my pelvic alignment and to recommend  some exercises to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy. My husband recommended The Hertford Osteopath having seen her for a back problem.This was my fist time seeing an osteopath. Michelle was immediately welcoming at the first consultation. She asked questions about my health and my pregnancy before beginning treatment. She was very knowledgable and able to answer ...


L TurnerL TurnerHertford - January 2018
Michelle really helped me out when I was in my second trimester and developed a few back issues which meant I could barely walk. She was brilliant at evaluating my whole body and finding the problems as the source of the pain isn’t always obvious. But she really took her time ensuring she worked on all the right areas and doing so in a way that was comfortable whilst pregnant. I was up and about moving in no time. Really grateful to her for fixing me up and allowing me a mobile rest of pregnancy.


J SmithJ SmithHertford - January 2018
I would highly recommend Michelle at The Hertford Osteopath. I experienced uncomfortable back pain during pregnancy but after a course of treatment, I noticed a considerable difference in the symptoms. Michelle also provided me with exercises to try at home so I could manage the pain myself when required. Michelle is very friendly and professional and put me at ease straight away. If you are experiencing any back pain during pregnancy, give Michelle a call!


R ChapmanR ChapmanHertford - January 2018
Huge thanks to Michelle for her excellent support in managing the painful Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction I experienced late in pregnancy.As I was aiming for a natural birth, I was worried that the physical restriction caused by the condition would interfere with my labour. Thankfully, Michelle managed to assess the problem quickly and put in place a sound management plan that resulted in me being almost pain free in a few weeks, just in time for my due date. I found her to be extremely professional and competent but also warm and caring.After a swift and uncomplicated delivery (no doubt partly ...