Conditions Treated

You may have had a fall, a sports injury, a car accident, or other trauma which is causing problems. Or perhaps it is a long-standing problem which is bothering you – back pain, shoulder stiffness, arthritic pain, postural stiffness at work…

The majority of patients will come to see us with back or neck pain although the scope of osteopathic treatment is much wider. Below is a list of the common reasons for seeking osteopathic treatment:


Back pain


Joint or muscle strains

Shoulder pain or frozen shoulder

Arthritic pain

Sports injuries

Pregnancy related pain

Work related pain

Post surgical pain


Repetitive strain injury

Running and sports injuries

Pregnancy and new mums

Your GP may have already diagnosed your condition, but considered surgery inappropriate. An osteopath can help to restore your well-being using safe, non-invasive methods. Please contact us if you would like to discuss whether osteopathy can be of help to you.