“Could Pilates help my back?”

I hear this a lot. Confusion around Yoga, Pilates, exercises, running, cycling… it’s difficult to know which activity might help and which could make things worse. The Pilates I teach is tailored not just to help with the current problem, but also to enable you to achieve your goals and importantly, to avoid the problem recurring.

Whether you are currently a patient or not, why not book in today for individual Pilates sessions, tailored specifically for you – whether your goal is muscle strength, core stability, fitness, mobility or back pain recovery, Pilates is for everyone. Sessions are 1:1 and are for absolute beginners to experienced Pilates practitioners. For beginners, you will be taught exactly how the Pilates exercises should be carried out, before moving on to higher level moves. This avoids what some patients tell me they find in large group classes – no way of asking about what should be felt or a feeling that the teacher has not noticed an incorrect posture.

And knowing you’re being taught by a qualified APPI Pilates instructor who is also an experienced osteopath means you don’t need to worry about previous injuries, current pain or any other concern.

Call 01992 304913 for a chat or email hertfordosteopath.co.uk to start improving your health and fitness today!