Questions and advice about osteopathic treatment

  • How many treatments will I need?

Most problems will feel better after the first treatment. However, it is common for three or four treatments to be necessary to address the reasons why you began to feel pain – this could be an imbalance, muscle tightness, day-to-day posture, joint restriction etc.

  • What will happen in the first consultation with my osteopath?

After a full history is taken, both of the current problem and any other relevant details, your posture, spine, other joints, muscles and movements can be assessed by your osteopath. As you may be asked to undress to a certain extent, you may wish to bring appropriate clothing, such as a pair of shorts, sports bra or vest. You need only undress if you are comfortable doing so. A diagnosis will be made and treatment given.

  • What should I expect from treatment?

Osteopaths utilise a wide range of techniques, including deep tissue massage, mobilisation and articulation of joints, muscle stretching techniques, postural retraining, and other tailored treatment techniques.  You may also be given exercises and advice to follow at home.

  • How will I feel afterwards?

In most cases, there will be a reduction in pain after the first treatment. Some patients feel some tenderness following treatment, which should resolve by the next day. Your osteopath will advise on how to manage this at your consultation.