Living with pain? Osteopathy can help.

Find it.

Fix it.

Leave it alone.

That’s what I learned early on in my training to be an osteopath. We learned how to to diagnose the problem (find it), how to treat the problem and reduce pain, using whichever of the enormous range of techniques we believe most appropriate (fix it), and then how to allow the patient to get on with their life (leave it alone).

I very often also advise my patients on exercises, postural or workstation adjustments or lifestyle changes which I believe will help to avoid the problem returning. This allows you, the patient, to understand more about why the pain started and how to recognise if and when it might start to reappear.

If you’ve been struggling with pain, trying to work out what’s gone wrong, why not call today to see if I can help? I’m always happy to discuss the situation before booking an initial consultation. You might not need to live with pain for any longer…