Michelle Spencer

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Michelle Spencer BSc BOst

I have been passionate about health and the human body ever since childhood. I trained as an osteopath at the British School of Osteopathy in London (now the UCO), opening The Hertford Osteopath clinic thirteen years ago. As an osteopath I work holistically, treating the person as a whole, and love my work, helping patients to live pain-free, healthy lives.

Teaching Pilates now fits seamlessly into my practice, as the perfect route back to full health and fitness. I trained with APPI, world renowned and founded by physiotherapists. I now run a well established clinic in Hertford, where I combine my work as an osteopath with 1:1 clinical Pilates sessions.

I live in Hertford with my family and love being as active as possible, enjoying hiking, horse-riding, skiing, cycling and Pilates.