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Clinic closed until further notice…

It is with much sadness that The Hertford Osteopath closed last week due to Coronavirus. The health and wellbeing of all my patients remains my top priority and if any patient needs advice or wants to discuss anything during this strange and difficult time, please do email me on hertfordosteopath@gmail.com. I will be checking emails […]

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“Could Pilates help my back?”

I hear this a lot. Confusion around Yoga, Pilates, exercises, running, cycling… it’s difficult to know which activity might help and which could make things worse. The Pilates I teach is tailored not just to help with the current problem, but also to enable you to achieve your goals and importantly, to avoid the problem […]

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Thinking about Pilates?

I teach 1:1 tailored Pilates at the Sandy Close clinic, which has been an incredibly successful way to complete osteopathic treatment in order to prevent problems recurring. It’s also really helpful for absolute beginners (or anyone that found large Pilates classes a struggle) to make sure the basic movements are fully understood and practised. So […]

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Need help fast?

Osteopaths are trained and registered as Primary Healthcare Practitioners – that means that we are fully trained to diagnose the problem and explain to you why we believe you are feeling pain, at which point we will treat you or refer you back to your GP. It also means that you don’t need a GP […]

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Posture a problem?

Find out how osteopathy can help you to achieve better posture. You’ll find out how muscles can become shortened or weakened depending on how you sit or stand, and what this means for your health and wellbeing. If you feel that your posture is causing you pain or discomfort, call today to book an initial […]

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Living with pain? Osteopathy can help.

Find it. Fix it. Leave it alone. That’s what I learned early on in my training to be an osteopath. We learned how to to diagnose the problem (find it), how to treat the problem and reduce pain, using whichever of the enormous range of techniques we believe most appropriate (fix it), and then how […]

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Deep tissue massage

Is work a headache?

Could your workstation be contributing to your neck/shoulder pain, or even causing headaches? Why not book a consultation and find out? During your examination, I’ll take the time to assess all the factors that affect the pain/discomfort you are feeling – seated/standing posture, desk height, muscle tightness/weakness, joint restriction etc. I’ll talk through what can […]

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