Osteopaths and the NHS

Although you can book an appointment with an osteopath directly, osteopaths are increasingly working alongside GP’s and other healthcare professionals to provide private treatment and treatment through the NHS. 

Did you know…

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends osteopathy as a source of manual therapy and treatment for lower back pain and the Department of Health has published guidelines advocating that osteopathy can efficiently and effectively treat musculoskeletal problems in patients.

“I’m worried about whether this pain is something more serious…”

As a primary healthcare professional your osteopath, in addition to their osteopathic skills, has been trained to undertake detailed medical histories and a comprehensive range of clinical examinations in an effort to diagnose the cause of your symptoms.

It is due to this extensive training that they are able to determine if you may need to be referred on for further tests to determine an accurate diagnosis, or if your condition may require the intervention of another health professional.

So be reassured…

Osteopaths are experts in treating a wide range of conditions, are trusted by the NHS and recommended by NICE.  You don’t need a GP referral to see an osteopath and you’ll usually be seen within two days of making the call. 

Why not call to discuss whether osteopathy could help you?