Osteopathy and pregnancy

I recently treated a lady in her eighth month of a pregnancy which had been healthy and pain free up to these final weeks. She had been transferred to a desk based job due to her “condition”, meaning that her fully active lifestyle was suddenly curtailed by this change of role.

Added to this was the fact that she had had to give up running some months previously due to discomfort without finding time to start any pregnancy exercises to take its place.  

Understandably, the natural growth of her baby pushing up against ribs and organs, stretching various structures and limiting movement was causing stiffness and some pain. Sitting for hours each day at a desk when she would have benefited from activity was also causing some stress. 
It didn’t take long to find where muscles were tight or fatigued and sore, and where joints were restricted due to changing spinal mechanics. We also worked on a program of stretches and mobility exercises to carry out each day, tailored to the pregnancy, and after a couple of sessions the achiness had resolved. 

If you are struggling with pain or stiffness during pregnancy, it’s worth finding out how this could be treated. Simply knowing what stretches would most benefit you can help enormously, and often don’t take more than ten minutes a day. 

I’m always happy to have an informal chat initially, to discuss what you’re feeling and how I might be able to help – so don’t suffer in silence!