L Gilbert

Having never visited an osteopath before, it’s hard to know where to start, but I am delighted my random choice turned out so well. I sought Michelle’s help because I was suffering from significant shoulder pain which kept me awake at nights and made me very grumpy indeed! I had had this pain for about two years, what a  waste.

After taking a careful history, Michelle treated me for a rotator cuff problem and, even after one treatment the pain was significantly reduced. Following treatment, I went away with an exercise and treatment plan which I carefully followed, though it wasn’t very demanding time wise. At my second treatment a week later, I was able to report very significant improvement and by week three the pain had all but gone. I am continuing with the plan to but cannot express how grateful I am to be pain free. To think that 3 treatments with advice were able to cure 2 years of pain seems nothing short of a miracle and I only wish I had sought help sooner.

Thank you, Michelle, for curing the pain and for explaining so carefully what was going wrong so that it put me back in control. Thank you too for keeping to time and for being such a delightful therapist.

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