Having strained a back muscle quite severely, I sought the osteopathic services of Michelle Spencer. The initial consultation consisted of a very in-depth Q&A session aimed at finding out what my physical lifestyle was like, followed by a thorough visual and physical assessment of my body’s condition from head to toe. This was followed by a short session of manipulation to locate and ease the discomfort. At the end of the consultation, movement was already much easier and Michelle provided me with advice, which was followed up in an e-mail, detailing the exercises I needed to complete to assist my recovery.

After two equally professional treatments, my condition was sufficiently restored to “normal” with full, fluid movement regained in my lower back. At this point, Michelle advised me that I should only come back if I felt that I needed further treatment. Proof if it were needed, that this is more of a vocation than a business to her. Her personal disposition is both warm and caring, immediately putting you at your ease. I will have no hesitation in either using Michelle’s services again should the need arise, or recommending her to anyone looking for an osteopath.

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