R Chapman

Huge thanks to Michelle for her excellent support in managing the painful Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction I experienced late in pregnancy.

As I was aiming for a natural birth, I was worried that the physical restriction caused by the condition would interfere with my labour. Thankfully, Michelle managed to assess the problem quickly and put in place a sound management plan that resulted in me being almost pain free in a few weeks, just in time for my due date. I found her to be extremely professional and competent but also warm and caring.

After a swift and uncomplicated delivery (no doubt partly due to the excellent osteopathic care I received from Michelle), I have recovered quickly and now have absolutely no pelvic pain 4 weeks after giving birth!

Again, massive thanks to Michelle for contributing to my positive birth experience, keep up the good work! I would recommend her to any ladies suffering from tedious pregnancy aches and pains!

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