Thinking about Pilates?

I teach 1:1 tailored Pilates at the Sandy Close clinic, which has been an incredibly successful way to complete osteopathic treatment in order to prevent problems recurring. It’s also really helpful for absolute beginners (or anyone that found large Pilates classes a struggle) to make sure the basic movements are fully understood and practised.

So whether it’s a new start, or a return to a something you gave up, why not book a couple of individual sessions and see for yourself how much regular Pilates can improve your health? Call 01992 304913 or email for a chat or to book. Your sessions will focus on what you hope to achieve – and the knowledge that you are being taught by an experienced osteopath means that you don’t need to worry about any back or joint problems you might have had in the past.

Watch this space for a new website with a lot more information about what Pilates can do for you and why I believe it’s such a great exercise.